Our Operation

We are a north Auckland based fishing charter operating out of Sandspit Harbour.

We can also launch from Omaha and Mangawhai by arrangement.


Snapper Fishing

At Northside Adventures we take an exciting mobile approach to hunt snapper year round. We can comfortably travel long distances on a full day charter to take advantage of seasonal hotspots.

Snapper are targeted using a combination of softbaits, slow jigs, micro jigs, jigs & livebaits. One of our favorite forms of fishing is targeting big snapper in shallow water with softbaits.

A big snapper hitting your lure in shallow water then tearing line off your reel is an exhilarating and addictive experience.

The catch and release of larger, resident fish is encouraged.

We also fish the deeper areas of the Gulf year round. Our boat is particularly well suited for chasing work-ups. These feeding frenzies are not just exciting to fish – they can be visually stunning and will often have whales and dolphins in attendance, along with the masses of diving gannets.

We carry the latest fishing equipment to take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself.

Kingfish, kahawai, trevally, gurnard and john dory are all common bycatches when lure fishing for snapper.


One of the toughest fish that an angler can encounter. We target kingfish throughout the year using a variety of techniques.

A very exciting and visual style is topwater fishing using stickbaits, poppers and large softbaits. Deeper down we’ll use livebaits and jigs to tempt them.

The raw power of these incredible fish has to be experienced to be believed. Top quality gear is provided to give you the best chance of landing that fish of a lifetime.